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Educational Visits Policy

Co-op Academy New Islington

Educational Visits Policy

Approving Body: AGC

Ratified: October 2023

Next review:  October 2026


Co-op Academy New Islington regards all off site visits and activities that are organised and undertaken by the school as an “educational visit”. Whenever pupils leave the school site under the direct or indirect supervision of school staff, they are undertaking an educational visit.

Aims and Objectives

Co-op Academy New Islington aims to offer children a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development, and prepares them for adult life. The school’s headteacher and governors recognise the value and importance of learning outside the classroom, and encourage staff to organise educational visits that enrich the curriculum and enhance the learning and development of our pupils.

Types of visits organised by the school

The school offers a wide range of educational visits, including:

Day Visits: Museums, art galleries, concert hall, music experiences, theatre trips, farms, sporting events, field trips, historical experience days, Library visits, visits to places of worship in all age groups

Residential Visits: Year 6 residential in Autumn Term


The school’s policy is to comply with the LA’s Educational Visit Code of Practice and Safety Guidelines. The school’s Educational Visits policy should also be read in conjunction with the other relevant school policy documents, such as the following: Health and Safety Policy statement, Safeguarding Policy, Child Protection Policy, Charging Policy, Equal Opportunities, and SEN Policy


Roles and Responsibilities

The Head Teacher will:

  • Assign competent people to lead and supervise visits.
  • Be aware of the Department for Education advice on legal duties and powers for local authorities, Head teachers, staff and governing bodies.

  • Oversee the management of Educational Visits in their school.

Ensure that appropriate documentation is completed and records are maintained of Educational Visits to comply with the guidance provided by the Department for Education.

The School Governing Body will:

  • Assign, determine and keep under review the school’s own policy on Educational Visits that will detail the scope and range of visits normally conducted by the school and the procedures by which visits are proposed and approved.

  • Ensure that the Head teacher is supported in matters relating to Educational Visits and that they have the appropriate time and expertise to fulfil their responsibilities.

The Group Leader will:

  • Obtain prior agreement from the Head teacher before any off-site visit takes place.
  • Follow the school governing body instructions, guidelines and policies.
  • Be a member of staff, deemed as competent to undertake the specific visit.

The Educational Visit Approval Process

All Educational Visits are required to have been through an approval process within  the School to ensure that the relevant people are satisfied that the visit has been adequately planned and organised.